2/2/09: Groundhog Day

Howdy folks.  In all honesty, I didn't really intend to update this page further; but, to make a long story short, it seems to have re-appeared on the website sort of willy-nilly, & since I see at least a few folks have stumbled across it, I thought I might let anyone who's interested know where we're at.

Eberle & I have decided that we'll be taking a hiatus from both Five & Dime Jazz (at least in the version that's existed for some time now) & the Bijou Orchestrette; Eberle refers to it as her "sabbatical."  There's no question that we immersed ourselves in various musical ventures from 2001-2008, a number of which involved deadlines & a bit of "playing over our heads," so there was no doubt an intensity to all these enterprises.

This doesn't mean we're done with music, either as a couple or as individuals.  Eberle does want some time to focus on writing, & I'm happily exploring my first musical love, old time blues, on a resonator guitar with a view toward doing some pretty laid-back performing later on this year when the weather improves.  Eberle may join in from time to time; I've also talked to Deadre Chase of the Alice in Wonder Band, & it's possible she may be a part of this as well.

At this point, the best way to find out about our ongoing creative endeavors, musical & otherwise, is my blog,
Robert Frost's Banjo.

So until we meet again, Five & Dime Jazz & Bijou Orchestrette fans: peace & many thanks.